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The Seattle branch of the Chenjiagou Genius Taichi Academy was established under the personal authorization of Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai, one of the “Four Kings” of Chen Style Taichi. It is a comprehensive Taichi center for the research and inheritance of Taichi, Taichi wellness, and the teaching of authentic Chen-style Taichi. All teachers in the Taichi Academy are direct disciples of Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai and have many years of experience in Taichi teaching.

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Improved Balance and Coordination

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Enhanced Body Range of Motion

Cardiovascular Health

Stronger Mind-Body Connection

Video From UCLA Health on Tai Chi and insomnia

Student Reviews

Hanmei’s class made me obsessed with Tai Chi. The teacher’s explanations and demonstrations were very professional. The constant repetition helped us remember the moves. I hope there will be a class every day and I can practice under her excellent guidance. After practicing Tai Chi, I feel that my breathing is much smoother, and I pay more attention to my breathing as well!Xiaofeng P.

Teacher Hanmei is the youngest Tai Chi teacher I have ever seen. In the beginning, looking at her gentle appearance, I was a little doubtful if she could teach Tai Chi. But after taking this class for a week, I deeply admired her. She respects our time and opens the classroom door early so that we can prepare and record our movements (her mirror display makes it more convenient for me to practice). She teaches with an open mind and is willing to help whenever we ask questions or have doubts.Yufang Z.

Hanmei is tireless in spreading Tai Chi culture overseas and always strives for excellence in teaching, which is admirable. The teachers are very focused in their teaching, but they are brave enough to innovate and develop. I also appreciate her ability to draw on the strengths of others and support the growth of every coach and student in this community! I am grateful to be able to learn from my teachers and spread and exchange my mother country’s culture overseas.Cheryl

Hanmei built an online Tai Chi class platform, making it possible to build a trans-Pacific network of famous Tai Chi teachers. Her direction and foresight is amazing. She is an important person who has provided a beacon for learning Chen Style Tai Chi in the greater Seattle area.Cindy

After learning Tai Chi from Teacher Hanmei for just one and a half months, I quickly fell in love with Tai Chi, not only because it is the quintessence of Chinese culture, but more importantly because of the comfortable feeling it gives me – a caring and thoughtful emotion that unites the inside and outside with a soft yet firm touch. It leads me to combine my body, mind, and mind, and let go of my worries and enjoy the comfort of flowing energy! Her amazing teaching methods can only be fully understood through experience!Lei L.

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